This week has been challenging

There's a reason I've not posted since Sunday.

This was a challenging week that is just now showing some light. I was taking pictures at the beach on Sunday afternoon when I got a call from my aunt that my brother was in the hospital in Houston for what was termed a "mini" stroke.

It all began Mother’s Day morning when he called our aunt to wish her "Happy Mother's Day" and he couldn't form the words. Later, he felt dizzy while standing. He did go to the hospital right away where a CT scan was done, which ruled out other possible concerns, such as a tumor. He had an MRI on Monday, which did not come up with damage to the brain. He had no paralysis, although he has somewhat slurred speech. On Monday morning he felt weak using his left arm. He was released from the hospital yesterday, and he has already begun therapy to strengthen his left arm and to rehabilitate his speech.

It seems that the use of over the counter cold medications might have contributed to this event.

Of course, the past few days have been challenging for my sister and me, and for our family. I was extremely anxious for the first part of this week.

While things are still unsettled, and it's difficult to hear the change in my brother's speech pattern, the prospects for his full recovery are very bright. Also, I think that this will be wake-up for him to make some changes in his lifestyle that will serve as preventative to this type of event happening again.

To be honest, it's also prompted me to review my lifestyle, which is also a good thing.


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