Photography While Riding

I like taking photos, and I like bicycling riding. But, it is difficult making time for both. I am trying to work out a solution. 

I've tried taking photos on rides using my iPhone, but, that's not satisfactory. I don't get the framing, resolution, etc. that I want in my photos. 

I have the same problem with point and shoot cameras slipped into my bicycle jersey. 

I've even tried carrying a camera in a handlebar bag.  But that didn't work either. 

The biggest problem with prior attempts is access to the camera. It takes too much time to get a phone out of my jersey, turned on, putting in my code, and getting to the camera with cycling gloves....I often miss the moment because of the time to get going. 

I don't care for having a bag hanging on my bicycle. So that solution doesn't work. 

I've gone out with my camera on a shoulder strap, but that also doesn't work because the camera doesn't stay put.  

I've looked for a solution for years. 

Francis Cade, a UK cyclist and YouTube personality addressed it in a couple of videos.  

I've found a couple of companies in the US that have a solution. Each option is expensive.  

To get to the point, I ordered an Outer Shell camera strap.  I'll let you know how it works out for me.


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