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Talking to the Chickens

The school I worked at has chickens and a garden as outdoor classrooms for the youngest learners.  I talked with the chickens on Friday, as a final stop before heading into retirement.  The chickens made it clear: "No long 'goodbyes.'  Just take your leave, and start your new life". I took their advice.  Of course, a guy who takes advice from chickens needs to retire!  

First Adventure

Since I’m a few hours into retirement, I decided to drive to the beach. I stopped for lunch at Manhattan Bread Company in Manhattan Beach. That has long been a favorite morning stop when traveling out of Los Angeles International.  I got my sandwich to go, and took it to Polliwog Park on Peck and Manhattan Beach Boulevard.  Now I’m getting a small coffee at Coffee Bean in Manhattan Village.  I wouldn’t usually venture to Los Angeles in a Friday afternoon. However, I’m heading up to a family event this afternoon. We have a lot to celebrate. 

School's Out!

Today is my last day of full-time work. So, tomorrow will be a very special day. In addition to being my first day of so-called "retirement," tomorrow is also my birthday.  I am glad it all comes together on one special day.