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The Honor of Being Old

Yesterday was my 70th birthday.  I am officially an “old man.”  I hope to live that honor with dignity, grace and wisdom.

Talking to the Chickens

The school I worked at had chickens and a garden as outdoor classrooms for the youngest learners.  I talked with the chicken on Friday, as a final stop before heading into retirement.  The chickens made it clear: "No long 'goodbyes.'  Just take your leave, and start your new life". I took their advice.  Of course, a guy who takes advice from chickens needs to retire!  

Day One

 First Day of Retirement "To-Do" List: Have a big birthday Stretch Remember where I put things

First Adventure

Since I’m a few hours into retirement, I decided to drive to the beach. I stopped for lunch at Manhattan Bread Company in Manhattan Beach. That has long been a favorite morning stop when traveling out of Los Angeles International.  I got my sandwich to go, and took it to Polliwog Park on Peck and Manhattan Beach Boulevard.  Now I’m getting a small coffee at Coffee Bean in Manhattan Village.  I wouldn’t usually venture to Los Angeles in a Friday afternoon. However, I’m heading up to a family event this afternoon. We have a lot to celebrate. 

School's Out!

Today is my last day of full-time work. So, tomorrow will be a very special day. In addition to being my first day of so-called "retirement," tomorrow is also my birthday.  I am glad it all comes together on one special day. 

Reading the Trail

I had a fun gravel ride earlier this week on Arroyo Trabuco Trail .  I did an out and back, which has an access point about a mile from my house. It’s actually a fairly technical trail for me. Yet, I felt really confident on this ride.  I recently changed out the tires on my Franco Grimes Bicycle to Gravelking SS Panaracer.  That's a less knobby tire for dry riding and less rolling resistance when riding tarmac. Riding on this trial tested the gravel-ability of these tires! They did well, but I wondered about switching them out and going back to the Gravelking SK Panaracer, which is definitely a gravel tire. On the return, I was moving fast and accurately reading the trail well. At one point the trail went down and across a dry creek bed that I didn’t read well – and my skinny slick gravel tires just sank into the gravel. Dead stop - I couldn't peddle out of it.  I should have gone across the creek bed just a few feet up, but I didn't see that option on the apporach.  I had

Resources: In Response to Recent Violence

  As a southerner, who grew up during the Civil Rights era,  I must respond in some way to the recent violence in Georgia Here are some resources on hate and racism you might find personally helpful: Southern Poverty Law Center Community Response Guide: A Guide to Respectful Conversations: Episcopal Church: Responding to Racist Violence:

Winter Riding

It's winter.  Here in California, that means cooler temperatures and possibly rain. We've had it all this week. Temperatures plummeted to the mid 30's earlier this week, and we've had a couple of days of rain. I got in a couple of rides, but I stayed in on the rainy days.  I purchased a "winter kit" in November. it's gotten use this year. Sun is forecast for tomorrow morning, so I'll take a Saturday morning ride.