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Photography While Riding

I like taking photos, and I like bicycling riding. But, it is difficult making time for both. I am trying to work out a solution.  I've tried taking photos on rides using my iPhone, but, that's not satisfactory. I don't get the framing, resolution, etc. that I want in my photos.  I have the same problem with point and shoot cameras slipped into my bicycle jersey.  I've even tried carrying a camera in a handlebar bag.  But that didn't work either.  The biggest problem with prior attempts is access to the camera. It takes too much time to get a phone out of my jersey, turned on, putting in my code, and getting to the camera with cycling gloves....I often miss the moment because of the time to get going.  I don't care for having a bag hanging on my bicycle. So that solution doesn't work.  I've gone out with my camera on a shoulder strap, but that also doesn't work because the camera doesn't stay put.   I've looked for a solution for years.  Fran

Fitness and the Pandemic

The world fell apart on March 13, 2020. That's when the school I work at announced a temporary shut down. The "temporary" part lasted until the end of September.  I was serious about social distancing to the point that I didn't leave my house.  I also got no exercise. by July, my fitness was a mess. That's when I decided to buy a new bicycle. I didn't realize that EVERYONE else had also decided to buy new bicycles.  I went to one of the Trek Superstores in San Diego and took a test ride on a Trek road bike. It was a nice bike, but it was built with a seat post that was too tall for me. The shop offered to swap out the seat post at an additional cost, which didn't make sense to me. I thought they should sell me a bike that fit me  Soon after I left the shop, I got a message from the shop offering to swap out the seat post as an even exchange.  However, the moment had passed and I didn't return the call.  I'm glad I passed on the Trek, because, as I

So, it's a New Year

I haven't posted for over a year. That's ok by me. I see a blog, similar to how I view my journal, as an available tool to use when I want.  My friend Daniel shared a scripture passage with me yesterday morning.  Philippians 1:27 “Conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” In other words, match your conduct to the gospel. The exalted reality of the gospel demands an exalted lifestyle. I'm usually inspired by passages friends share with me. Yet, yesterday, my response was cold. I think it was such a mirror and I wanted to run from the image that reflected back. It was a tough verse to read and think about because I realized that, often, I don't want to live that way. I saw in my heart a desire, at times, to be angry, vindictive, retributive and the like.   These were tough thoughts to have at the new year.  Yet, I believe that there is hope in realizing that there are ugly places in one's life. I am certainly not one to pen a