Talking to the Chickens

The school I worked at had chickens and a garden as outdoor classrooms for the youngest learners.  I talked with the chicken on Friday, as a final stop before heading into retirement.  The chickens made it clear: "No long 'goodbyes.'  Just take your leave, and start your new life". I took their advice.  Of course, a guy who takes advice from chickens needs to retire!  

Day One

 First Day of Retirement "To-Do" List: Have a big birthday Stretch Remember where I put things

First Adventure

Since I’m a few hours into retirement, I decided to drive to the beach. I stopped for lunch at Manhattan Bread Company in Manhattan Beach. That has long been a favorite morning stop when traveling out of Los Angeles International.  I got my sandwich to go, and took it to Polliwog Park on Peck and Manhattan Beach Boulevard.  Now I’m getting a small coffee at Coffee Bean in Manhattan Village.  I wouldn’t usually venture to Los Angeles in a Friday afternoon. However, I’m heading up to a family event this afternoon. We have a lot to celebrate. 

School's Out!

Today is my last day of full-time work. So, tomorrow will be a very special day. In addition to being my first day of so-called "retirement," tomorrow is also my birthday.  I am glad it all comes together on one special day. 

Reading the Trail

I had a fun gravel ride earlier this week on Arroyo Trabuco Trail .  I did an out and back, which has an access point about a mile from my house. It’s actually a fairly technical trail for me. Yet, I felt really confident on this ride.  I recently changed out the tires on my Franco Grimes Bicycle to Gravelking SS Panaracer.  That's a less knobby tire for dry riding and less rolling resistance when riding tarmac. Riding on this trial tested the gravel-ability of these tires! They did well, but I wondered about switching them out and going back to the Gravelking SK Panaracer, which is definitely a gravel tire. On the return, I was moving fast and accurately reading the trail well. At one point the trail went down and across a dry creek bed that I didn’t read well – and my skinny slick gravel tires just sank into the gravel. Dead stop - I couldn't peddle out of it.  I should have gone across the creek bed just a few feet up, but I didn't see that option on the apporach.  I had

Resources: In Response to Recent Violence

  As a southerner, who grew up during the Civil Rights era,  I must respond in some way to the recent violence in Georgia Here are some resources on hate and racism you might find personally helpful: Southern Poverty Law Center Community Response Guide: A Guide to Respectful Conversations: Episcopal Church: Responding to Racist Violence: